by Shellbye

Plenty of time give me many opportunities to think about both the world and life, and all the final answer lead to think about myself. That some kind of provement to which saying “you can never see the truth of the real world but the reflection of if in your own mind”. I surprisingly found that all the defect of the world turn out to be the defect of myself, and all the disorder outside is the phenomenon of the disorder inside. When that come into my mind, all the disappointment of the world seems long gone while I start to seek inside of myself to find the answer.

Well, seek inside is not that easy, because only when you start to do it will you realize that actually I don’t know yourself as you image. For example, you don’t know why you smile when you come across someone and why you cry when you face something. Not mention that you surely don’t know why you nervous so frequently. Of course you’ll say that you know why, but what I mean is that you don’t know the real why which is deep inside you even you youself can not tell.I did know it untill recently that you can know youself better when you meet new friend, your behavior and their reaction will means a lot if you pay attention.

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07 September 2012