First of all, let me ask you all a question, “why are you here? ” “I am here to take part in the competition! ” Don’t anwser me like that, that’s not what I want. My question is why are you here in this world. well, someone may say “Ask my mom, she gave birth to me. ” No, you have to figure out this all by yourselves.

But as far as I know, most of us don’t know the right answer, or to tell the truth, most of us even never have thought of it. Why? Such a important question, why little people think of it? The reason is that we run too fast to think of it.

In the ancient China, people lived a very slow life. They separated one year into 12 monthes and each month has only two solar terms(节气), they also separated one day into just 12 hours. That means what? They lived slowly and they lived by the law of nature. What about nowadays? We separated one year into 52 weeks, one week 7 days, one day 24 hours, one hour 60 minutes and one minute 60 seconds. Obviously, we lived by the law of ourselves which is far different from the nature’s.

Let’s have a look how fast we are now. This is the famous building the Palace Museum whicn was build in Ming Dynasty, and this is the expo garden which is build recently. Let the yellow represent the Palace Museum and the red for the expo garden, then we can see this. It took almost 14 years to build the Palace Museum while it cost only 3 years to finally finish the expo garden. And the square meter of the Palace Museum is about 155 thousand square meters while the expo garden is over 5 million square meters. So what does that mean? That means the speed of building in Ming Dynasty is 1 thousand square meters per year, But in nowadays it is almost 2 million square meters per year.

Now you know how fast we are now. We work so hard that we have no time to enjoy the wealthy we have ever made. That can explain why the FOXCONN workers suicide by jump from the building. Our stomach is satisfied while our mind is starving.

So what shall we do? Shall we still raise the speed of our life? To slow down, or to speed up, that’s a question. My answer is “let’s slow down.” Why don’t you slow down to see the scenery along the life journey? Why don’t you stop and see the sunrise while on the way to work? Why don’t you pause while you heard a bird singing in the tree? Isn’t far more beautiful than the computer screen? Why don’t you spend more time to stay with your family instead of you boss or your customers? Don’t you think your family need you much more than the customer?

So my dear friend, don’t hurry up but slow down, at least slow enough to see the beauty of the world and the meaning of life, and do remember that don’t go too far in case you forget your purpose of start.

Thank you for listening!

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28 November 2010